HAPPY SOLE - Holistic Therapies by Kristy Mabbett in Kings Heath, Birmingham.
The treatments and their benefits:
    A gentle body massage using top quality essential oils blended especially for you. The therapeutic qualities of the oils are used to enhance physical and emotional health and support healing of the body and mind.
    Applying the essential oils through massage brings benefits such as deep relaxation allowing the relief of mental and physical fatigue, improved circulation to muscles reducing pain and inflammation, stimulation of the lymphatic system to speed up the removal of toxins and waste from the body and promotion of a feeling of well being.
    FULL BODY         1HR         £35
    BACK & NECK      50MINS    £30
    A pampering facial during which the skin is cleansed, toned exfoliated. and moisturised. A clay mask chosen for your skin type is  applied to draw out any   impurities from the skin, followed by a face, neck and shoulder massage using specially blended  essential oils. All products used are 100% natural.
    FULL TREATMENT     1HR        £35
    A non-invasive treatment performed on the feet to give deep relaxation and balance the body and mind. Reflex areas corresponding to all parts of the body can be found on the feet and by applying  gentle pressure to these areas it is believed possible to stimulate the entire body to heal and relax.
    Reflexology does not claim to be a ‘cure all’, but many disorders such as stress, sinus problems, migraines, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances and circulatory problems have been supported using this method.
    FULL TREATMENT     50MINS       £35
    An indulgent deep tissue massage to the back, shoulders, neck, legs, feet, arms and hands. Ideal for stress relief, relaxation, relief from muscular tension, toning and detoxification. Massage helps trigger the release of the body's natural painkillers and can speed up injury recovery. It  can improve blood and lymph circulation, release endorphins and promote a general sense of health and wellbeing.
    FULL BODY         1HR         £35
    BACK & NECK      50MINS    £30
    An intensive head, neck, upper back and shoulder massage performed through clothing; generally no oils are used, although these are available upon request. This is a wonderful treatment for de-stressing the entire body and mind. Fantastic for treating stress and its side effects such as eye strain, muscle tension and headaches. Also improves the condition of the hair.
    FULL TREATMENT      40MINS       £25
    Also known as thermo-auricular therapy, this ancient and gentle, non-invasive treatment has many benefits. Using the highest quality organic linen candles many have found relief from catarrh, sinusitis, colds, flu, tinnitus, hay fever, stress, glue ear and migraines.  Ear candling can also soften and loosen compacted ear wax and ease pressure problems following diving and flying.This treatment is followed by a gentle and soothing facial massage to boost lymphatic  drainage from the sinuses.
    FULL TREATMENT    30MINS      £25